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Zhang Weixiang: China's iron and steel industry in the world are competitive

Source:Wuxi Haimai Metal Product Co.,Ltd.     Time:2015-09-11 Hits:

Sina Financial News 2016 (fifteenth) China business leaders annual meeting was held in Beijing, December 10-11, chairman of the Construction Group Chairman Zhang Weixiang attended and spoke.

It said for the steel industry, the media or social or, there is a certain misunderstanding, that the steel has been declining, the whole industry losses. But Zhang Weixiang pointed out that China's steel industry is a few in the world are competitive industries.

China's iron and steel industry equipment are made, and the quality is good, the price is good, in the global competitive. Zhang Weixiang said, almost all the countries of China steel enterprises put forward anti-dumping, "we go into any country to spend 30%, 50% of the anti-dumping tax," this industry is very competitive in the world.

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