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Beijing, Tianjin and cooperation to accelerate the upgrading of the Tianjin iron and steel industry

Source:Wuxi Haimai Metal Product Co.,Ltd.     Time:2016-12-19 Hits:

In response to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development strategy, Tianjin invested 10 million yuan to start the implementation of the "2016 Tianjin steel industry energy-saving emission reduction technology demonstration projects, speed up the steel industry optimization and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment.

2016, the difficult development of the situation in the steel industry, Tianjin, Beijing, Tianjin and the development of collaborative innovation and the iron and steel industry, energy saving and emission reduction as an important task to grasp. In June of the same year, the Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission launched the "2016 Tianjin steel industry energy-saving emission reduction demonstration project", is mainly through the integration of Beijing Tianjin Hebei three resources, to achieve a major breakthrough in the air compressor system, energy-saving heating furnace energy saving, waste acid and wastewater treatment etc..

"It turns out that all of the waste acid should be pulled to other places, the cost of time and capital costs are high. Through the cooperation with Shijiazhuang Xingcan environmental technology limited, three effect countercurrent evaporation crystallization method using flash technology, developed the treatment equipment of waste iron hydrochloric acid, complete treatment and recovering their use, not only saves the expenditure for the enterprise, also to protect the environment." Tianjin Jun Cheng Jin Li Tube Industry Co., Ltd., said Zhang Bo, the person in charge.

It is understood that in 2016, Beijing, Tianjin and iron and steel industry energy-saving emission reduction demonstration project supported by the Beijing and Hebei 10 enterprises and Tianjin steel enterprises cooperation.

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