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Steel Industry Research Report: expected short-term steel city was a shock situation.

Source:Wuxi Haimai Metal Product Co.,Ltd.     Time:2016-12-19 Hits:

This week the price of steel rose significantly, is expected in the short term steel city was a shock situation. This week the environmental effects of topic of continuous fermentation, production line of Jiangsu and other areas of remediation and illegal if furnace steel production action investigation, shipping was blocked, the steel city of the supply side contraction is expected to be verified again, steel prices affected by the higher volatility continued. Looking ahead, steel prices strong in ore prices driven by steel profitability significantly improved, about half a month under the condition of different varieties of gross profit per ton of inventory for the better, this stimulated the enthusiasm of steel production will increase, thus breaking the larger probability to judge the market on the supply contract, then back to steel. The environmental effects of limited production or will continue until next week, steel prices led strong shocks, but years ago, steel prices are still high probability down, need to guard against market risks. We maintain "buy" rating, the steel plate is recommended, the transition is expected to underestimate the value of leading, land resources and the performance of company attaches great importance to the reform of state-owned enterprises, Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration theme investment opportunities. GF: steel combination and proportion of Xinxing Pipes (20%), Yongxing (20%), Baosteel Special Steel (20%), ERON shares (20%), Shougang shares (20%).

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