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No.4 / HL / BA / Checkered plate

201 304 430 BA finish stainelss steel coil

About BA finish

No clear criteria. After cold rolling through bright annealing process, and to temper rolling products, high surface reflectivity. Or mirror-polished surface with a cloth buffing wheel obtained.Widely used in mirrors,kitchen equipment etc.

BA is one of the finish of stainless steel.In fact, it belongs to the mirror surface,but there is not clear like mirror. BA surfaces are produced directly from the steel mills,and it return to achieve brightness bright directly.It refers rolled stainless steel plate after bright annealing treatment,a surface state after a flat.

Indeed,BA is just a surface,is in direct annealing process produced surface.However,because of a steel plant control,testing and product requirements of their different levels,so different surface effects seen appear on the market.Even for the same manufacturer, different time,different shifts production of products,the surface will have some differences,such as surface brightness,surface roughness,etc.But currently does not have a specific predetermined criteria for this,but mainly to see manufacturers positioning and market acceptance.

In China, like TISCO, LISCO, ShuoYang, Austar is a major manufacturer of BA surface.These mills produced by the BA surface with excellent results.not only beautiful surface, but the quality is also high.The main materials are 201,304,430 three type.

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