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stainless steel decoration round pipe

316L stainless decoration steel pipe

Details for 316L stainless decoration round pipe 

316L stainless steel tube decorative tube is a hollow round steel, bright surface.Mainly widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, machinery and instruments and other industrial transportation pipeline and mechanical components, etc..

In addition, the bending and torsion strength of the same, the weight is light, so it is also widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structure.It's also used in the construction of exterior decoration.

Production process of SS decoration round pipe

1)Prepare the original material(stainless steel sheet/strip).

2)Slit the original material:stainless steel sheet/strip.

3)Then fused by rolled machine.

4)Finish treatment:Bright heat treatment.

5)Both inside and outside the weld process.

6)The shape of the pipe.

7)Important processing:Fixed outside diameter.

8)eddy current testing.

9)Laser diameter measurement.

10)Pickling process .

11)Finished: Storage

We have our own processing factory, production machines, skilled workers. Short production cycle, high 

efficiency, high product quality.Division,our company have 201,304,316L and other conventional goods,delivery time is short.For the majority of customers is a good choice.

Finish processing for 316L pipe

In order to meet the requirements of various types of decorative requirements, has developed a variety of different commercial surface processing.

For example, the surface can be highly reflective or dull; can be smooth, polished or embossed; can be colored, color or pattern, electroplating in etching stainless steel surface to meet the design requirements of the appearance of a variety of personnel.We can process No.4,HL,Mirror finish etc by our machine according to customers requirements.

Chemical compostion


Physical property

GradeTensile strength
Yield Strength

Calculating formula for weight(KG/M)

{(Outdais meter-wall thickness)×wall thickness}×0.02491=KG/M

The advantage of 316L pipe

Due to the addition of Mo,the corrosion resistance, especially the pitting corrosion resistance is excellent.

High temperature strength is also very good.

Excellent work hardening (weak magnetic properties).

No magnetism in solid solution state.

Has good resistance to chloride erosion, so it is usually used in the marine environment.

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