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stainless steel angle

stainless steel angle

About stainless angle steel 

Stainless steel angle steel strip is perpendicular to each other on both sides into 

angular, with stainless steel angle and equilateral equilateral angle steel of stainless 


The two sides stainless steel angles equal width, the specification is expressed by edge 

width * width * thickness mm side edge number. Such as 25 x 25 x 3", which said the sides 

stainless steel angles is 25 mm, width 3 mm thick.

Models do not represent the same type of different edge thickness dimensions, and thus in 

the contract and other documents will be stainless steel angle edge width, edge thick size 

fill in complete, avoid separately represented by models.

Inspections for Chemical and property

Chemical compostion
Component indexThe chemical composition of stainless steel angle steel rolling steel series for 
general structure, the main test index for C, Mn, P, S four.
According to different grades, the content of the different, roughly the range of C<0.22%, Mn:0.30 - 0.65%, P<0.060%, S<0.060%
Inspection methodMethod for inspection of commonly used standard GB223, JISG1211, BS1837, 
BS - 1215, 19 F C, manual is 22536.
performance indexTensile test and bending test. The indexes include the yield point, 
tensile strength, elongation and bending.
Inspection methodTensile test method. Method for inspection of commonly used standard GB/T228-87,
 JISZ2201, JISZ2241, ASTMA370, BS18, C, f is 1497 and DIN50145
Bend test method. Method for inspection of commonly used standard GB/T232-88, JISZ2204, JISZ2248, ASTME290, F, C and DIN50111 is 14019

Specification standard and classification

Classification Mainly divided into equilateral equilateral angle steel and stainless steel stainless steel.The equilateral angle steel stainless steel can be divided into unequal thickness and unequal unequal thickness two.
GB/T2101—89General provisions on acceptance, packing, marking and quality certification of steel.
Hot rolled stainless steel / non equilateral angle steel dimensions, shape, weight and 
JISG3192—94Shape, size, weight and tolerance of hot rolled steel.
DIN17100—80Quality standard for common structural steel.
ГОСТ535—88Technical conditions of ordinary carbon steel.

Specoification and theoretical weight for stainless angle steel(KG/M)

Equal leg angle

Leg of angle
20x20  2#0.8941.131.38
25x25  2.5#1.131.461.772.06
30x30  3#1.371.772.172.53
35x35  3.5#1.612.092.573.01
40x40  4#1.852.412.973.49
45x45  4.5#2.122.763.404.00
50x50  5#2.363.073.794.465.135.766.427.06
60x60  6#4.585.426.247.03
63x63  6.3#5.035.956.847.718.609.48
70x70  7#5.426.427.398.349.3110.30
75x75  7.5#5.826.897.958.9710.0011.10
80x80  8#7.378.509.6110.7011.80
90x90  9#8.339.6511.9012.2013.40
100x100  10#9.2810.8012.2013.6015.00

Unequal leg angle

25x16x3  0.9170x45x43.57100x63x67.55
25x16x4  1.1870x45x54.40100x63x78.72
32x20x3  1.1770x45x65.22100x63x89.88
32x20x4  1.5270x45x76.01100x63x1012.10
40x25x3  1.4875x50x54.81100x80x68.35
40x25x4  1.9475x50x65.70100x80x79.66
45x28x5  1.6975x50x87.43100x80x810.90
45x28x5  2.2075x50x109.10100x80x1013.50
50x32x3  1.9180x50x55.00110x70x68.35
50x32x4  2.4980x50x65.93110x70x79.66
56x36x3   2.1580x50x76.85110x70x810.90
56x36x4  2.8280x50x87.75110x70x1013.50
56x36x5  3.4790x56x55.66125x80x7'11.10

Entity analysis for Angle - Equal leg angle as reference

"A"and"B": Represents the length of leg

"t": Represents the thickenss of leg

"r":  Represents"arc radius of leg"

Commonly used grade for Angle 

200 series: 201 202 etc 

300 series: 301 303 304 304L 309S 310S 316L 321 etc

400 series: 410 410S 420 440C 430 436 439 444 445 409L etc 

Duplex series: 2205 2507 S31803 etc


Application of stainless steel angle in life is very wide. For a variety of architectural and engineering structures, such as beams,bridges, towers, hoisting and conveying machinery, ships, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container frame and warehouse.

Calculating formula for weight(KG/M)

Weight(KG/M)=0.00785xleg thicknessx(2xleg width-leg thickness)

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